Individually quick freezing (IQF) with cryogenic carbon dioxide (CO2) in a new spiral tunnel is a hi-tech departure from the traditional approach of mechanically freezing food products on a conveyor belt, or immersing them directly into a pool of liquid nitrogen. Instead, this technology freezes free-flowing IQF products by completely surrounding them with a stream of high-velocity cold air. Our state-of the-art cryogenic ultra-freezing facilities incorporate hygienic design and efficiently lowers the temperature of our products for improved processing and preserve quality.
Cryogenic freezing also maintains the natural quality of food. When a product is frozen, ice crystals are formed. The smaller and more evenly distributed the crystals, the better the quality and taste of the frozen product. The only way to ensure that small crystals form uniformly throughout the food product, both inside and outside the cells, is to quick-freeze the food at cryogenic temperatures.