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Algarfresco was founded in 2001 but has a long tradition in the Portuguese fish Market. The predecessors of the company started buying and selling fish in Portugal more than 50 years ago in old ports and warehouses in the south of Portugal. Even investing in technology and automation during all his life, in 1991 the Algarfresco was founded in order to support the business grown and the huge increase of the exportation's. Nowadays Algarfresco operates in 14 different Portuguese fishing ports, has two modern fishing vessels and two state-of-the-art processing facilities with technology that guarantees the highest quality of the frozen and fresh fish during all the year. During 2012 the company received, processed and frozen more than 10,000 tons of pelagic fish and Octopus. To guarantee quality, healthy and the reputation of our products we follow the industry best practices, the HACCP guidelines and we are audited periodically by independent organizations to achieve the ISO 9001 certification.


Algarfresco is certified by several international and independent organizations in order to guarantee the best practices in the market in areas like Quality Management, Financial and Sustainability of fisheries. All the certifications that we received since 2001 are a prove of our commitment to the quality excellency of our products and the sustainability of our fisheries and industry sector.



Innovation Award 2008 Award attributed by the Olhão city council and that recognizes Algarfresco by his Innovation in 2008 after being the first company in the fishing sector to be certified by the ISO 9001. Prémio atribuído pela Câmara Municipal de Olhão, primeira empresa no sector das pescas certificada pela ISO 9001.
PME Excelência 2011. Sponsored by the Turism of Portugal and the IAPMEI, this award is a status given to companies whose performance and risk profile are revealed of excellent quality. The “PME Excelência” companies are proposed by one of seven major banks in Portugal and must obey rigorous criteria.
For the fourth year in a row Algarfresco has been distinguished as a PME Líder, one of the best SMEs based in Portugal. The “PME Líder” companies are proposed by one of seven major banks in Portugal and must obey rigorous criteria.
commercial activity

Algarfresco is a company dedicated to the seafood processing industry that has a strong name in the market and that is financial independent. We like to be seen as a important business partner in our industry sector and we based our activity in the processing of fresh and frozen seafood, with focus on Sardines, Mackerel and Anchovies.


Proprietary fishing fleet with 30 tons/day capacity plus 30 tons/day contracted to other fishing vessels.


Six cold stores and three chilling areas for fresh products.


Most of our products come from the main Portuguese and Spanish fishing ports. After buying, the fish is moved to isothermal containers and transported by reefer trucks to our processing facilities in Olhão where we prepare the fish (fresh of frozen).


Through a proprietary truck fleet and our logistic partners we can deliver all our products on time to any country in the world by land, sea or air.

We have several facilities in Portugal and we are represented in many cities in Spain through our business partners.
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In 2012 in order to have a bigger control over our fishing sources we decided to create our own fishing fleet. Currently we are proprietary of two fishing vessels and we several contracts with other fishing vessels that provide us the highest fishing quality in the market.

We have several facilities in Portugal and we are represented in many seaport in Spain through our business partners.

Global Markets
Currently we have a strong presence in the Portuguese and Spanish market and a business network that spans the globe. Algarfresco has operations in more than seven countries and more than 70 percent of our annual revenue is generated outside Portugal.
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